Office Tours

Office Tours

At McDowell Orthodontics, we take pride in our offices providing comfortable, state of the art atmospheres that reflect our commitment to a quality experience that is fun and relaxing. 

We feel strongly about infection control, and use as many disposable items as possible.  Items that are not disposable are dry heat sterilized.  These systems are monitored by an outside service to ensure proper sterilization is always maintained.  In addition, our system consists of individual trays for each patient.

We look forward to welcoming you to which ever office is convenient for your care, and we encourage you to take a tour of our office at the conclusion of your initial visit!

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Our Clearwater Office

Our Seminole Office

Our St. Petersburg Office

Invisalign from McDowell Orthodontics

Accele Dent Aura from McDowell Orthodontics