New Patients

New Patients

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Beautiful Smiles Are For All Ages

It's never too late to establish that stunning smile you've always wanted.  Our practice treats adults as well as children, and we pay special attention to the differing needs of each age group.  There are different types of treatment options available, depending on each patients individual goals and desires.  With the addition of Invisalign as a treatment modality, more adults than ever are now seeking treatment.  In fact, adults make up almost 40 % of our practice.  And now, Invisalign has recently launched its newest product Invisalign-Teen, which is more appropriate for teenagers.  As a result, it is now possible for responsible teenagers to now join adults in taking advantage of this cutting edge technology!




Creating Beautiful Smiles Should Be Fun and Rewarding

Many new advancements in technology and types of braces have now made treatment more fun than ever.  These include smaller mini- braces, clear/invisible braces, cool colors for elastics and retainers, as well as the newest and most exciting innovation, Invisalign.  To help have more fun as well as contribute to our community, we are constantly having patient contests, patient scholarships, and patient parties,etc.  We look forward to meeting you and your family and hope to see you soon!


Beautiful Smiles Are Affordable For Everyone

Having a beautiful smile for the rest of your life is by far the best investment you could possibly make in you and your family.  The good news is treatment is much more affordable than most people think!   When considering how long these important benefits will be enjoyed, as well as how much your self-esteem, social life and professional career will be enhanced, the value is immense.  We offer a variety of payment options to make this affordable for nearly every budget.  Click here  to learn more about our payment options.

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