Your First Visit

Your First Visit

bigstock-Young-doctor-or-dentist-with-d-67468279Your First Visit  (45 - 60 minutes)


Complimentary Exam

This visit is always complimentary, allowing you to find out about any treatment needs for you or your family, as well as to meet us and evaluate our office and staff, without any financial obligation on your part.


We Value Your Time

For this reason, we believe this appointment should give you all the valuable information needed to make an informed decision regarding any needed treatment.  We understand that each patients' orthodontic treatment is different, as well as questions or concerns they may have.  We assure you we will give you all the personal attention you need and deserve.


Components For Your Customized Diagnosis

Your first visit will consist of the following;

1) Detailed questionaire regarding important patient history, as well as discussion of the primary concerns and goals of desired treatment outcome.

2) Any necessary digital photos and radiographs needed to allow for a complete and thorough diagnosis.

3) Comprehensive examination by Dr. McDowell including an evaluation of teeth, gums, TMJs, and the facial esthetics of each patient.

These procedures will allow Dr. McDowell to provide a customized diagnosis and let you know if any treatment is recommended.  Dr. McDowell will then discuss treatment options and any specific recommendations, as well as how long the treatment will take to give you that beautiful smile!  Our treatment coordinators will further explain and demonstrate the chosen treatment utilizing computerized graphics and simulations, and will discuss our many in-house financing options.


And Finally, If You're Ready To get Started, So Are We!

Any needed impressions, separators, etc. can be completed that same day.  Please make sure we have all your insurance information at the first appointment.  We feel making the patient come back a second or even a third time to find out what treatment is needed, how long, and what is the fee is an inefficient waste of our patients and their families time!  For this reason, we have created efficient systems and alloted enough time to take care of all your needs that same day.  Of course, for those that would like to come back for a second appointment so they can further consider options, we are happy to accomodate your individual desires.

In either case, we assure you of our best efforts in creating that beautiful smile you've always desired, and making your treatment experience as pleasurable as possible!  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Please call today for a complimentary exam.


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