Damon System

Damon System

The Damon System 

 McDowell Orthodontics, is proud to offer our patients the passive self-ligating Damon System Braces.  The end result is a more beautiful, full smile that preserves a more youthful appearance and improved facial esthetics.  At McDowell Orthodontics, we are commited to providing the highest quality care for our patients using the most advanced techniques and appliances available.  This is why we provide this system at no extra charge for our patients.  We feel they deserve the best!  And for those interested in an even more esthetic alternative, they are now available in Clear translucent braces.

Damon System Clearwater

Utilizing the Damon System combines the use of self-ligating braces with very light high technology "shape-memory" titanium wires to give the following advantages over other conventional braces:

1) Shorter treatment Time-

These unique passive self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastic or wire ties, as opposed to traditional braces.  The elastic ties used with other braces result in greatly increased friction and pressure, making treatment slower and more painful.  The Damon System eliminates this problem, resulting in shorter treatment time with fewer appointments and emergencies due to loose ties.

2) More Comfort-

So, even though the Damon System moves the teeth faster, it is a much more comfortable movement due to less binding and lower forces needed to overcome the friction of other braces.  The light force shape-memory titanium wires gently guide your teeth into their ideal positions in a much more physiologic manner.

3) Improved Hygiene and Esthetics-

Damon braces are designed to be smaller and  discreet, more comfortable, and easier to keep clean.  Without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque, dental hygiene is significantly improved.   Plus, the Damon System is available in Clear brackets for those image conscious patients.

4) Improved Facial Balance with a More Beautiful and Youthful Smile-

The Damon System utilizes light biologically sensible forces, allowing for enhancement of facial esthetics due to much less need for extractions.  The end result is sometimes called the " Damon System Bracelift " , as it produces;

     -A fuller, wider smile with better facial balance and esthetics

     -Improved lip and cheek support by the teeth to create and preserve a more youthful and vibrant smile at any age.

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