Early Treatment

Early Treatment (Two Phase Tx)

Early TreatmentPhase I Treatment


Early treatment intervention can have a dramatic impact on the eventual long term quality of the eventual treatment outcome, and can often times prevent the need for extractions, surgical procedures to bring in impacted teeth, or the need for orthognathic surgery to correct bad jaw growth problems.  By early screening for developing problems, we can identify and address problems before they fester into a much worse problem if left unattended.  If early treatment is indicated, we will explain the reasons.  If development is fine, then we will place on recall and continue monitoring as a courtesy to our patients (see Recall section below)

Early Treatment FAQs


Recall (Monitoring Development)

This Phase occurs when either:

1) The patient has completed Phase I and is not quite ready for the Second Phase.

2) No early treatment was needed, but we still monitor continued growth, development, and tooth eruption.

In this phase, we monitor every 6 to 12 months, depending on each situation.  Because this phase is extremely important, but takes minimal time to check at each appointment, we offer these appointments free of charge as a courtesy to our patients.


Phase II Treatment (Corrective)

This final stage will begin at the appropriate time to maximize treatment benefits, while minimizing the amount of time needed for treatment.  This may include all of our usual treatment alternatives, including Invisalign, Damon System Braces, or clear ceramic braces.  We welcome you to schedule an appointment so that we may do a thorough examination, and answer any questions you may have.


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